What are the major trends within the pharmaceutical industry at the moment?

With the progress of science being so rapid, it is very difficult to keep up. It is also difficult to do everything within one company. Most pharmaceutical companies try to find solutions within partnerships or joint ventures to make these innovations.

We have to find our own path in the discovery of interesting technologies and target molecules that we believe we can develop quickly. We need good people who have strong knowledge and skills in this area with a genuine interest in working in this way.

What is your dream scenario for Shionogi Limited in 2023?

I would like to see Shionogi Limited as a very strong and solid component of the Shionogi group as a whole. More importantly, I want to see Shionogi Limited as a very bright office; full of people walking around with purpose from whom I can feel energy and positive motivations.

How is Shionogi different from other pharmaceutical companies?

Our competitors are also innovative and want to establish good networks, but we are very unique and have strong people.

Having a good network should be the key. The quality of people is very important, not the numbers of the people.